outsourcing news

What is outsourcing: The definition of outsourcing –in English Wikipedia, in a business outsourcing is the contracting out of a business process to a third-party. The term outsourcing became very popular in the world, almost Asian sub continent Bangladesh, India, Sri lanka etc. Outsourcing includes both foreign and domestic contracting jobs. Now a day’s editorialized every country management their business process in sourcing and outsourcing method. The outsourcing jobs you will do at your home in full time or part time jobs or online jobs. If you have a computer or a laptop and connect internet then you will try to do outsourcing jobs and earn money from internet at home.

Benefits of outsourcing: Also outsourcing is a third party business/ jobs. It became benefited outsource r or job seeker media (marketplace) and buyers/companies. The service holder or contractor received their money from third party who are called marketplace such as www.odesk.com  www.elance.com, www.freelancer.com   etc. The marketplace gets total cost of the jobs/ service from buyer or companies. The marketplaces control the outsourcing jobs. Marketplace received commissions according to their terms and conditions. freelancer or outsource r or service provider can do outsourcing direct get a job from buyer or any company all over the world. Then you will experienced, the buyer or company will contract to you for hired to do the jobs. Another name of outsourcing is online jobs.


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