dirty jokes: juice

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… A couple of the night was going to travel by train, First class compartment.

Ticket takers spent upper two-storied. Good night trains leave. Both husband and wife sat up in their seat. Another man sat down. Lay a little deeper going on own seat.

At one time the story of the couple sleeping became physically excited. The wife of the husband prevents open clothes, saying, “No, you Ah, Uh-term tax. It’s not home; Train.

Everyone will understand what we are doing. “Said the wife of the injured voice,” then? Today we do not have? “Would” you Ah, Uh will not sound if mango apple ball.

No one will doubt the train. “” Okay, it will be.”Both had symptoms until late night. Wife, Ah, Uh expressed his pleasure that the mango fruit.

Write down the following morning, the husband wakes up in the manners that he asked, the man- Brother, you sleep better at night?” Gentleman would they disappointed voice, “Will you tell the brother to sleep better? You and your wife, and all of the night and ate mango apple juice I took over!

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